MobiRob - Fieldwork Mentor

  ACE Kibla has always supported the development of esthetic sensibility in people, as well as a critical attitude towards culture and the arts, especially intermedia arts, which actually take up a great deal of time with today's children and teenagers, even though they themselves may not be aware of it.

  The essence of contemporary culture and arts can be summarized effectively by means of the word MORE:
more (than one) disciplines/areas/fields involved in a single artwork;
more (than one) media employed as a means of expression;
more (than one) participating artists involved in a single project.

  Similarly, the aim of Kibla's educational program in general can also be inferred from the word 'more', which we interpret and understand in relation to the terms “intermedia” and “transmedia”. Key ideas involve networking and disseminating knowledge, experiences, creativity; the implementation of social momentums (social integration), and ultimately an increase in the quality of the achievements and the free time enjoyed by any individual.      

MobiRob is a project conceived with the intent of raising the level of 21st century literacy; a project that enables an insight into, and ultimately mastering the notion of programming for simple Lego blocks, which have been around since 1934. This kind of non-formal education is a chance for children and young people to learn how to deal with construction-related and logical problems through programming and playing (assembling and disassembling) with the all-time popular Lego building blocks. By playing with their favorite Lego set, children can observe and learn step-by-step how things actually work, how they function, discover why certain elements rotate, move or swing, or why they sometimes don’t work like they were supposed to. There isn’t a child who wouldn’t know how to play with Legos, or learn to do it in a very short time. The ideas are already there, in their minds, and the ideas are what matters the most, which is why the processes of assembling and programming encourage the children’s innovativeness and independency. Hence, the ultimate goal of the MobiRob project is the development of an individual’s attitude towards contemporary intermedia arts and culture, since the nurturing of these kinds of skills (imagination, creativity, initiative, innovativeness, etc.) enables and encourages various ways of both thinking and doing.  
Educational programs by:
Irena Pamič

The programming workshops will be held on locations of project co-organizers across the country:

      MIKK Murska Sobota, visit date: 29 August 2016

MIKK – Mladinski informativni in kulturni klub (Youth Info & Culture Club) is a youth center, where young people can independently explore their creativity, develop critical thinking, and contribute to the making of the program. MIKK is a public institute founded by the Municipality of Murska Sobota in 1995 with the aim of providing local youths (as well as wider audiences) with services related to various areas of creation. (source:   

Delavski dom Trbovlje Culture Center, visit date: 30 August 2016 
The DDT is a multi-purpose culture center and a pivotal cultural institution in the municipality of Trbovlje, which performs various programs in the fields of theater, cinematography, visual arts, etc. In terms of new media culture, the DDT is known as the organizer of the Speculum Artium and Digitalbigscreen festivals, while the ongoing program takes place on the premises of the DDT New Gallery. (source:  

MC Celje, visit date: 10 September 2016 
The Youth Center Celje is an institution that provides young people with advice, help, and other supporting activities for the realization of their fresh ideas and activities. One of the principal visions is responding to the needs of youths in the future, as well as providing a place of ideas, socializing and acquiring knowledge.

Zavod O Škofja Loka, visit date: 11 September 2016 
The Škofja Loka Youth Center (Zavod O) deals with organizing and performing activities for young people in the fields of culture, arts, free time, education, international collaborations, publishing, and public informing. The activities in the field of new technologies are covered by the MMC Pulsar, a regional multimedia center of the Gorenjska region, which operates as an info-point and provides free acess to computers and the internet.

  MC Brežice, visit date: 22 October 2016

The Brežice Youth Center fosters creativity and innovation in young people through the Multimedia Center, which acts as an advocate of the environment and works towards a society, in which people can identify themselves with its culture, and appreciate its outputs. The policy of the MC Brežice is to make culture accessible to everyone, which is why they wish to contribute to its development in every possible aspect.

Lokal Patriot Novo Mesto, visit date: 22 October 2016 
LokalPatriot operates as a key youth center and independent cultural producer of the Dolenjska region. They advocate and promote creativity in young people, and support quality Slovenian productions.

PiNA Koper, visit date: 23 October 2016 
PiNA is an organization for the promotion of social development, whose founding principles include active participation of individuals in the community, cultural engagement, life-long learning, and a holistic approach to education. Their contribution to social development is put into practice through organizing various awareness and educational events, offering multimedia and web solutions, as well as education and training under the principles of non-formal education, to develop fundamental skills, values and approaches for the holistic development of responsible individuals.


Project RISK CHANGE (2016–2020) is co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.
The project is also supported by the Municipality of Maribor and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.
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