3ARDUINtOne, Matjaž Lenhart


Arduino robotization and 3D printer

Thursday 10. 11. 2016, 9:00—14:00
Friday 11. 11. 2016,  9:00—14:00

Instrument 3ARDUINtOne is a combination of Arduino, 3D printing, and sound. This intermedia and interdisciplinary production workshop combines different areas of application for the Arduino microcontroller. Arduino is a tool for creating automation tasks, robots, etc. The participants will also be introduced to the basics of 3D printing, including the complete process from sketch to print. Such production workshops, or open labs, enable a free access to the production means and processes intended for specific audiences, which are invited to collaborate in certain phases of the interdisciplinary artistic production. The workshop is intended for beginners, but also for those already familiar with Arduino, robotics, or programming - the content will be adjusted according to the participant's level of knowledge. It is desired that the applicants confirm their attendance, and bring their own laptop.

Key words: Arduino, programming, 3d printing, music, instruments

Mentor: Matjaž Lenhart

Matjaž Lenhart holds a MA in computer sciences and information technologies and acts as CEO at SOLITUS plus. He develops mobile applications, web sites, automation systems and smart control systems. He is an occasional lecturer at the Department of Fine Arts, University of Maribor, Intermedia Arts Course. He has contributed to several intermedia projects – Open Code Oasis (Monika Pocrnjić, 2014), Synto-duino-beeper (Dušan Zidar, 2013), PostArtLab - Fraktal 9 (Jerneja Rebernak and Nataša Živković, 2013), and others.

Pre-event: 27. October 2016


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The project is also supported by the Municipality of Maribor and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.
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