Safe and conscious use of the internet

Lecture (in collaboration with Varni internet (Safe internet) educational program)
Friday, 11 November 2016 at 4 p. m.

Uncritical assessment of acquired information, naive disclosure of personal data, online violence, invasion of privacy and internet addiction are only some of the dangers that prey on young internet users.

We will be discussing topics that most internet users rarely think about, but they actually present an existing and current problem and are becoming a necessary part of the modern-day ICT competence: the problem of critical assessment of the information obtained through the internet, the possible consequences of inadvertent privacy protection, especially regarding online social networks, the issue of posting one's own photos, online or mobile violence, the facets of hate speech on the internet, the dangers of internet addiction, etc.

More about safe internet:

KIBLIX addresses a wide range of target audiences: children in elementary and secondary schools, university students; people from the academic sphere and the fields of research, culture, and arts; computer science and IT experts and enthusiasts; seniors, and active citizens. In collaboration with Varni internet (Safe internet), we are striving to raise the awareness of educational workers and anyone who wishes to obtain more information about the recommended and safe use of the internet.


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