Musical Survival Kit, Monika Pocrnjić


The Musical Survival Kit consists of various components

Thursday, 10. 11. 2016,  9:00—14:00
Friday, 11. 11. 2016,  16:00—18:00

The workshop is an offshoot of a production by Monika Pocrnjić, which has been adjusted to the target audience. The Musical Survival Kit consists of various components: LM 386 chip, resistance, potentiometer, condenser, audio jack / output: female, light-dependent resistor (LRD), input, etc. 
The aim of the workshop is to bring the artist's work closer to the visitor; it is a re-creation of an artwork by means of contemporary approaches. Musical Survival Kit is an interactive work, which will be re-created in the works of the participants. The central feature of the musical survival kit is a theremin instrument composed of eight components, which function with the help of light and shadow.  

Key words: sociology, economy, psychology, technology, music, culturology, DIY, DIWO, DITO

Mentor Monika Pocrnjić (1987) has been developing the PostArtLab in the frame of the organization GT22, whereby she tries to actively explore the value of esthetic dimensions that define art as a communication experience. Non-formal educational workshops are no novelty to her: with nearly every artwork or project, Monika also conducts workshops adapted to specific target groups. She studied at the Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Education, University of Maribor


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