D'SUN, W.A.R. Who Argues Reality?

Friday, 11. 11. 2016 at 22.00

The intermedia VJ performance W.A.R. Who argues reality? is a break from traditional DJ sets into a committed, politically incorrect performance, used by D'SUN to create a partial, and thus subjective, reality. The limitation of the expressive power of technology – the technical connection of object and subject by means of the crown jewels of contemporary DJ/VJ instrumentalist paraphernalia, into a "mere" performance, is upgraded through an irruption of the real: a dialysis machine. The subject uses the machine not to generate sound, but to establish each time the conditions that enable him to physically exist, and thus to create sound. 

The scope of such connections between reality and some kind of fictional overflow, re-created by means of a modern-day multi-media apparatus, lies precisely in the necessity of iterations of reality: while any other performance by any other artist requires presence, commitment, and creativity, W.A.R. is perforated with a blood procedure, a transplantation of the elementary life fluid, which interferes with the subject's mobility, yet on the other hand it is precisely this kind of participative technology that, reciprocally, enables him to live. 

W.A.R. is a performance using a straightforward and clearly clinical approach, joining audio, video, and virtual reality not just theoretically, but – by using the dialysis/media/apparatus installation – even "terminally", to establish the over-exploited approximation between Hic and Nunc.   

The Here is not Now – the Here is always there sooner. 
The Now is thus eternally Beyond.



Damir Pečnik aka D'SUN was born in 1974 in Ptuj. His comeback to the music scene following a five-year break happened in 2013 with an appearance at the KIBLIX-MFRU festival, and continues this year with the DJ/VJ performance. The fusion between funk and experimental, boosted with his typical, goose-bumps-igniting creative spark, and supported by a collaborative collision with the digital visual world, provides a unique setting for this year’s festival theme. 


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