Advanced Java Programming Course, Matjaž Kranjc


Mobile app for Android OS

Thursday 10. 11. 2016,  9:00—14:00
Friday 11. 11. 2016,  9:00—14:00

The course includes an introduction to object oriented programming concepts, the use of interfaces, the concept of inheritance, practical application and troubleshooting. The joint end product will be realized and tested among a wider audience. Developing the application is part of a series of pre-events to the KIBLIX2016 festival, where participants will be able to acquire the necessary skills, and address the proposed problem for a common final aim, the development of a "festival" mobile app for Android. The app will feature a visualization of the exhibition space and the exhibited art pieces, as well as a record of the events and happening at the festival. It focuses on three cues for an active involvement of the festival visitor, i. e. the artistic, technical, and educational approach.

Key words: programming, application

Mentor: Matjaž Kranjc

Apart from his regular work Matjaž Kranjc acts as a promoter of non-formal education in the field of computer sciences and basic programming. He was involved with the projects MSP (Mobile Service Platform) by Telekom Slovenije, designing an ERP System for small and medium sized construction firms, provided integration web services and MS Nav Dynamics tools for several Slovenian companies, and designed many smaller application programs and modules for various companies and clients.  

14. 4.—16. 6. and 8. 9.—9. 10 2016 

Before Festival KIBLIX (at 17:00):
13. 10. 2016
20. 10. 2016
27. 10. 2016
3. 11. 016


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