Stojan Kerbler (SI)

Haložani / The People of Haloze
series of photographs
38 x 57 cm

Stojan Kerbler's artisitc photographs explore and record various existential and social conditions of people, such as loneliness, old age, poverty, love for the land and the rituals of farming chores, seclusion, etc. He deals with the importance of individual human stories, their fate, and the ruthlessness of the landcape they inhabit. Kerbler's photographs, apart from his early works, are stringed in thematically integral cycles, and he is especially known after his ambiguously titled series Portraits from the Streets of Ptuj, The People of Haloze, and Pig Slaughtering.

Stojan Kerbler (1938) joined the Ptuj Photo Club in 1955, and has thus been active in the field of photography for over 60 years. After graduating from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana in 1965 he began working as an energetics engineer at the Alumina and aluminum factory in Kidričevo.
Kerbler is rightly known as one of the most successful Slovene photographers, a reputation supported by an impressive list of awards and prizes. He has exhibited in over a hundred solo exhibitions in Slovenia, Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Spain, Russia, and USA, winning more than 500 awards and prizes, including 120 international. He lives and works in Ptuj and Ptujska Gora.

Photo of the portrait: Andrej Božič


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