Slovene Mediterranean Meter

The Research Institute of Geo-Artistic Statistics of the Republic of Slovenia (RIGASRS) was active in 1997. Collaborators of the Institute: Vuk Ćosić, Irena Woelle and Alenka Pirman

Artists from Slovenia can be classified by various geopolitical frames, depending on the current interest or fashion. In one variation of these identity mechanisms we can even be seen as Mediterranean! In 1997, an artistic trio of friends (Irena Woelle, Vuk Ćosić, and Alenka Pirman) were able to transfer this idea into research with the help of the Research Institute of Geo-Artistic Statistics of the Republic of Slovenia (RIGASRS). We were able to get many collaborators work with us (including Borut Brumen and Luther Blissett) and together came up with two bold initiatives: the first contributed to defining the typology and topology of the Slovene Mediterranean adoption of a new unit of measurement, the Slovene Mediterranean Metre (SMM). This unit of measurement is based on the length of the Slovene coastline, which, even today, measures 46.6 kilometres. The initiatives attracted a great deal of interest and are still alive, if dormant, ensuring that the RIGASRS technical materials, measuring tapes, and the temporary mobile standard for the SMM will still be available to those who come after us.



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