Oleg Kulik (RU)

Crucifixion day
print on glossy foil, lamination, paper mache on Forex
83 x 250 cm

Crucifixion night
print on glossy foil, lamination, paper mache on Forex
94 x 250 cm

Lolita vs. Alice
photography series
print on glossy foil, lamination, paper mache on Forex
90 cm (premer diameter), 121 x 200 cm

Gobi Test (Winter).
Director Oleg Kulik Production XL Gallery. DVD. Sound Stereo. Duration: 22 min. Moscow, 2004

The second trip to Mongolia. An attempt to deconstruct the ethnographic perspective: real hardships of survival, exotics of everyday life, the meaning of poetry and folklore disappear in the clouds of vapor, smoke and fog.

According to the critics, Oleg Kulik is one of the most significant Russian artists of our time. His performances, used as a means of symbolically redefining the current space, attempt to blur the narrative borderline between the individual and the general, between Being and Essence, and deliberately abandon the human horizon by means of a conscious action, only to truly disclose the possibility offered by the emotional-behaviorist vocabulary of “domesticated animal”. Through his art, he comments on Russia and the West, politics and power, and humankind’s place in and relationship to nature. He began his career as a curator at the Regina Gallery in Moscow, where his unconventional exhibitions and approaches instantly caught the attention of the public.

“When I came to Moscow, I made glass sculptures – transparent figurative things – and nobody liked them. . . . Then I became a performer, created a huge scandal with my man-dog antics, got a show at Deitch Projects, and after that I felt the freedom to go on as an artist.”


Oleg Kulik (1961, Kiev, Ukraine) graduated from the Kiev Art School in 1979 and was later awarded a Pollock-Krasner Foundation fellowship (1990), and a scholarship by the Berlin Senate (1995). Apart from numerous international awards, Kulik was awarded with the medal “The Worthy” by the Russian Art Academy. He lives and works in Moscow.

Photo: Photo ITAR-TASS / Vladimir Astapkovič From: http://www.reginagallery.com/artists/olegkulik/


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