Matjaž Požlep (SI)


Once the field of explanation is limited to unambiguity, meaning becomes a marketable commodity. By appropriating the meaning, they are making us become an inseparable part of a web of dependencies, which is partly our own fault.
In his wish to be surrounded by the mass, the author merely offers the signifier, which through that has already become the signified of another signifier, and so on and so forth, with each decomposition of the subject's image, which is, at the same time, its creation. Once the chain is broken, only the final interpretation remains. The original meaning has long been forgotten, and the air cleared.
Interpretations are a project that frees the image of its meaning. It reminds us that in the world of (un)limited choices we always have the possibility of choosing our own interpretation, one that is not forced upon us, let alone being served to us as a commodity.


Matjaž Požlep (1960) was born in Ptuj, where he finished elementary and secondary school, and later continued his studies at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana. During his study years he worked as graphic designer for the Tribuna newspaper, and later as a CAD manager in an architecture studio in Milan. After 1991 he was co-founder / managing director / creative director in Arxel Tribe, Komakino, Propeler, and Pakt Media, working in Ljubljana, Milan, Paris and Zagreb.
He is the co-founder and CEO of Art Rebel 9 - a pioneering company in the field of creative technology use, currently working as expert consultant at MARS (international agency for singularity research) and as member of the supervision board of the online trilateral Art–Kunst–アート (NY, Berlin, Tokyo). Winner of numerous national and international awards.


Project RISK CHANGE (2016–2020) is co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.
The project is also supported by the Municipality of Maribor and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.
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