Marko Brecelj (SI)

V Kiblo žicat z žarom (Grill scrounging in Kibla)

– Žicanje (Scrounging),

performance by Marko Brecelj "Žicanje"* means displaying reels of the infamous razor-wire fence, cutting off pieces of that wire to the generous, exhibiting Palmedars (calendars with palm trees) and sing-marching Caucasian spiritual songs, as well as New Tunes, while non-violently attracting the attention of the present company. (*žicanje = scrounging; žica = wire)

Marko Brecelj (1951, Sarajevo), Slovenian singer-songwriter and performer, started his musical career as a singer in the Beli črnci (Black Negros) quartet, and violinist in the Trije črnci (Three Blacks) quartet and the Krik (Scream) trio. At the Youth Festival in Subotica in 1974 he received the Expert Jury Award. That same year, in collaboration with arranger Bojan Adamič, he issued what later became a legendary album dubbed Cocktail, which received the "Seven Secretaries of SKOJ" award. With some of the members of the Seven Light Years group he founded the rock band Bulldozer, whose record Pljuni istini u oči (Spit Into the Eyes of Truth) is one of the milestones of Yugoslav music. After composing an original music score for the film Živi bili pa vidjeli (Live to See), which received the Golden Arena at the Pula Film Festival, he returned to a solo career. With poet, writer, actor and artist Ivan Volarič - Feo they merged into the Zlatni zubi (Golden Teeth) duo. He was also a frontman in Marjanov čudni zajec (Marjan's Weird Rabbit), the trio Javna vaja (Public Rehearsal), and the duo Javna dvaja (Public Twos), and performed countless guest appearances with various music bands. In recent years, he has been committed to artistic performances, and Soft Terrorism actions. Movie about him, Priletni parazit (Elderly Parasite), directed by Janez Burger has received several awards at festivals. Finally he released the third reprint of CD Cocktail – Obilni vunbacilni (Abundant Throw-out) and DVD with fourteen new white spiritual songs Samospevi (Solo-poems) and as a director he's finishing movie Štetje v jeseni (Counting in the Fall). He is the leader and spokesman of the Association of Friends of Moderate Progress, the Pohorje Battalion Foundation and the Acacia Party.


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