Julijana Božič (SI)

Hinavci / Hypocrites
pencil and watercolor on paper
70 x 100 cm

Jeza / Wrath
mixed technique
70 x 100 cm

The works were created as illustrations accompanying a series of texts on Dante's Divine Comedy, entitled From Inferno to Hell, an interpretation of Dante's Inferno as written by Petja Janžekovič.

“Today, Dante’s Divine Comedy is commonly acknowledged as the axiom of contemporary poetry, or even art itself. If art is to manifest the hidden, the closed, the encircled within the spirit of an individual, while the spirit of the world leads towards the unlimited and the infinite, violently breaching the confinements of the intellect, it then seems perfectly clear that an artist needs to enter inside this particular controversial relation, and try to, absolutely freely, “separate the wheat from the chaff”. Out of the mixture of epochal events, they need to recognize and pick out those that are permanent, to synthesize human traits into essential characters, or heroes (as Hegel would call them), and at the same time strive to inspire their artworks with a sense of proper urgency and widely acknowledged mythical recognition, by means of their own genius”. (Petja Janžekovič)



Julijana Božič (1980) graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana under Professors Emerik Bernard and Herman Gvardjančič. Professor Borut Vogelnik supervised her graduation thesis. She participated in a student exchange program at the Art and Design University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and is a member of the Association of fine artists of the Northern Primorska region (DLUSP). Her illustrations have appeared in the student newspaper Tribuna, the Razpotja magazine, and elsewhere. She has exhibited home and abroad, including the Piran ex-tempore and the May Salon in the National Museum of Slovenia (Ljubljana). She participates in various projects, workshops, and seminars. Since 2007 she has been involved in restoration works across Slovenia, including the restoration of frescoes and moldings.


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