Jakov Brdar (SI)

Čas je optična iluzija, Jakov ... / Time is an Optical Illusion, Jakov ...
22. IV. 2007 Vse dobro, Vesna / All the Best, Vesna
skulpture, bronze
19 x 32 x 16 cm

"Čas je optična iluzija" / "Time is an Optical Illusion"
skulpture bronze
275 x 275 cm

Jakov Brdar (1949) was born in Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 1975 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana where he completed his MA studies under Drago Tršar in 1979. From 1980 to 1982 the artist pursued further education in Paris and later in Berlin, where he became a member of the Berufsverband Bildener Kuenstler association. Although the base of his artistic expression is working in clay, he also creates in other materials. He places a lot of attention to the process of creation as such, working exclusively with his hands.

Brdar is the author of a number of public monuments and outdoor sculptures in Slovenia, such as the Rudolf Maister statue, located opposite the Ljubljana Central Railway Station, or one of his most prominent works, Pegasus, which is held by the Piran Coastal Galleries. Among his recent and most visible works are the statues adorning the Butchers' Bridge, which connects the Ljubljana City Marketplace with the Petkovšek Embankment. In 1990/91 Jakov Brdar presented a solo exhibition at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, with the idea of establishing a dialog between his own works and the museum′s permanent collection. In 1998 he received the Prešeren Fund Award for the sculpture set Sermon to the Birds (1997).


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