Brigitta Zics (UK/HU)

Eye Resonator
– immersive art installation

The featured artworks in the "Eye Resonator" installation draw our attention to the myriad of complex networks that span across the arts and sciences, critical in today’s world. The exhibition explores themes of collective motion, patterns of migration, the behaviour of networks and the altering interactive nature of communication itself. It reveals a hidden dimension of the world that is rarely given consideration as an interwoven and thriving connected whole. The self-organising nature, physics, biology and sociology of these increasingly vital systems are evolving into an interdisciplinary field of critically important inquiry. Through a combination of the orthodox and virtual, sensory-rich art form exhibits unite the audience to this otherwise covert world.

Beyond the beauty of visual formations such as murmuration, cell migration and network visualisations, the exhibition exposes the curious and fascinating potential of a universal pattern that is embedded at the heart of these emerging systems. Their resemblances have been always apparent to our senses, but only now through augmentation and computing are we fully able to start embracing their latent potential. The journey one takes through the installation illustrates to the audience their active part in this modern networked organic and artificial confluence and the ability it contains to consciously shape our world. 

Murmurations 010101
Using computer simulation techniques the installation captures the collective motion of birds and fishes and their evolving, mesmerizing patterns. The installation not merely re-creates the geometric metamorphoses well known in nature but also unrevealed forms pattern unseen before. The work exposes the tension between the natural and artificial, familiar and unfamiliar.

Chance Machine
Collaborator: Nick Rothwell
An intelligent pachinko machine (vertical flipper) that attempts to guide the ball through the complex kinetic patterns of the flipper table to the best, central position. Every attempt is met with the challenge of chance.

Landscape of Forgotten Futures (preview)
Documentary film about the Eye Resonator at the Power Plant, an exhibition by Brigitta Zics
Director: Audrey Aquilina
Eye Resonator at the Power Plant is an immersive installation that engages viewers by responding to their eye movements. It captures individuals’ responses during interaction and presents them accordingly with multi-sensory simulation. The installation explores the borderline of human perception and transports us to the future while bringing alive the dazzling art deco dome of the Kelenföld Power Plant’s Control Room. The documentary by Audrey Aquilina explores the convergence between the contemporary artwork Eye Resonator and the art deco masterpiece of Control Room by Virgil Bierbauer.

The project was realized in collaboration with artist and researcher Dr Brigitta Zics and Association for Art and Audio-Visual Production CODE BLUE as producer, and the Association for Culture and Education KIBLA and Association for Contemporary Art X-OP as co-producers.


Brigitta Zics (UK/HU) is an artist with a passion for exploring the potential of thinking through digital making for art and how such processes lead to new experiences. She engages with emerging media and art forms that enhance sensory experiences. Her recent interests embrace experiential art, visual perception and art, and the aesthetics of data and algorithms. In her artistic practice she works on the convergence of art and science and applies technologies in order to access and extract hidden dimensions of human experience. With the aspiration to better understand ‘what makes us human’ she creates aesthetic ecologies (aesthetic interactions between human and machine) incorporating human emotion and imagination.

Her works have been exhibited in Budapest, Berlin, London, Monaco, Cologne and Los Angeles; she also continues to contribute writings on the convergence of contemporary art and technology to the likes of Leonardo (MIT Press) and other publications of note. In 2004 she was nominated for the International/Media/Art/Award at ZKM, Centre for Arts and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany. She was selected for the Best European Multimedia Artist in Vienna in 2005. She is currently developing large scale projections and sculptural sound installation projects under the theme of ’Collective Motion’.


Project RISK CHANGE (2016–2020) is co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.
The project is also supported by the Municipality of Maribor and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.
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