Adela Jušić, Andreja Dugandžić (BA)

Rabid dogs' gaze I., II. / Pogled steklih psov I., II.
21 x 17 cm


In collaboration with Andreja Dugandžić
embroidery installation

Special thanks to: Sadžida Jušić, Azra Bašović, Fata Osmanović, Vanesa Vasić-Janeković and Lala Raščić

Illegal depicts women in resistance and underground movements, whose activities are quintessential in all political struggles. Throughout the history, the private sphere, a “woman’s place” is a place of subversive power – a place where important political messages are being created, told, memorized, written, coded, hidden, then transmitted in bread, hay, hair, clothes, embroidery, from one place to another, from one mouth to another. Women use all available strategies to keep, watch, to warn, to camouflage, protect the pivotal information, to help fellow dissidents. While performing such life threatening tasks, they oppose patriarchal customs and traditions, and challenge gender roles. Illegal re-imagines and recreates histories of women’s resistance.


Adela Jušić (1982 Sarajevo) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo (2007), then completed her MA with a thesis on human rights and democracy in southeastern Europe (University of Sarajevo and University of Bologna, 2013). She is a member and co-founder of the Association for Culture and Art CRVENA, and has been working there on different cultural and research projects since 2010. Since 2007 her works have appeared in around 100 international exhibitions, such as Frestas – Trienal de Artes (Sao Paolo), The Women’s Room (New York), Manifesta 8. (Murcia), Videonale (Bonn), Image Counter Image (München), Ja više nikada neću pričati o ratu (Stockholm). She has delivered lectures at numerous conferences and panel discussions, in institutions like the Royal College of Art in London, the London School of Economics, and the ISCP from New York. Winner of the YVAA 2010 Award, the Henkel Young Artist Prize CEE 2011, and the Special Prize of the October Salon in Belgrade (2013). She lives and works in Sarajevo.

Andreja Dugandžić and Adela Jušić are co-authors of the web portal – an online archive of the anti-Fascist struggle of the women of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the former Yugoslavia.


Andreja Dugandžić (1978, Sarajevo) finished Anthropology studies in Utrecht and defended her MA thesis on Human Rights and Democracy in Southeastern Europe at the University of Sarajevo and the University of Bologna.
For over ten years she has been actively involved in the promotion of women’s rights and feminism as a producer, organizer, multimedia artist and activist, mostly in the culture and arts sphere, but also in other areas throughout the region and wider. In her artistic practice she flirts with different forms, using narrative as her main artistic expression. Her work concerns, among other themes, food, cooking, house labor, and home economics.
She works at the Association for Culture and Arts CRVENA as a researcher and co-manager of the program "What has our struggle given us?“, and is a singer/performer in the music duo Black Water and Her Daughter. She lives and works in Sarajevo.


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