Minecraft Club KIBLA – Minecraft contest

Saturday, 12. 11. 2016  16:00—19:00
Mentor: Irena Pamič

The Minecraft Club KIBLA (MKK) hosts a competition in Minecraft for 10 contestants, i. e. two groups of players (the red team and the blue team). Welcome to testing and/or playing at the KIBLIX 2016 festival. (10 computers, 2 teams, survival mode, limited number of weapons and materials)

KIBLA has set up the Minecraft Club (MKK) for children of eight years and above. We have the full Minecraft license, which allows multiplayer sessions at the MMC KIBLA, as well as from home. Minecraft is a global sensation digital building block game. It belongs to the category of games, which encourage children's potential for creativity. The laws of physics do not apply to the world of Minecraft; gravity affects only some of the building blocks, which means we can assemble them in any possibly imaginable way and build the most amazing constructions.  

Mentor: Irena Pamič

Irena Pamič (1986) is a professor of art education with a degree from the Faculty of Education, University of Maribor, where she graduated under the mentorship of prof. dr. Janez Balažic. She has gained experience working as a student, volunteer, and employee at the Education Department of the Maribor Art Gallery, performing guided tours and creative workshops for pre-school children, as well as elementary- and secondary school student groups (program Young Friends of UGM). She is also skilled in conservation interventions, having worked on wall and ceiling restoration projects in Črnomelj as part of the Bogovčič Atelier of Restoration team (http://www.triptih.com/NewsDetail.aspx?NewsId=240). She acted as coordinator of the art & educational program for the MFRU KIBLIX 2015 festival edition. 

from 28. May 2016 onwards (on Saturdays)

Before Festival KIBLIX, every Saturday, at 16:00
15. 10. 2016
22. 10. 2016
29. 10. 2016

On Festival KIBLIX:
Saturday, 12. 11. 2016  16:00—19:00

5. 11. 2016



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