Lego Robotics

Animal migrations to different natural environments
Saturday, 12. 11. 2016,  10:00—13:00
Mentor: Jure Pikl

The Lego Robotics Workshop deals with the topic of animal migrations and the changes in our natural environment. Through play (building and dismantling Lego bricks) and programming, the children learn about the theme of animal migrations by constructing and designing various settings and environments. With the help of programming, the animals come alive and begin to move, which simulates the natural processes of migration. According to the workshop mentor Jure Pikl there isn't a child in the world that would not know how to play with Legos, or be able to learn it in a very short period of time. The ideas are already there, in their minds, and the ideas are what matters the most, while the processes of assembling and programming encourage the children's innovativeness and independency.

Key words: Lego bricks, programming, physics, mathematics, natural sciences, biology, sociology

Mentor: Jure Pikl (Little Builders)

The creative workshop mentor is Jure Pikl, a professor of physics and technical education at the Primož Trubar Elementary School in Laško. Apart from his formal employment, he is also actively engaged in non-formal education, working as a part-time children's teacher/instructor of robotics who believes, as he puts it, in bringing the technical world as close to children as possible in a fun and relaxed way. He also emphasizes that technical education in schools is becoming less and less interesting for children, who “fail to resolve problems in the sense of assembling and

disassembling constructions, logical reasoning, step-by-step problem solving, etc.”

30. 4. 2016 @Multisobota; Lego robotika
28. 5. 2016 @Multisobota; Lego odtiskovalnik
28. 8. 2016 do 23. 10. 2016 MobiRob_mentor na terenu

Before Festival KIBLIX:
sobota, 22. oktobra, ob 10. uri, MC Brežice
sobota, 22. oktobra, ob 16. uri, Lokal Patriot Novo Mesto
nedelja, 23. oktobra 2016, ob 10. uri, PiNA Koper

On Festival KIBLIX:
Saturday, 12. 11. 2016,  10:00—13:00


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